I’m angry

And it hurts me

To swallow this whole

A time for change

But now I know

I can’t stay here

I can’t stay here

I can’t stay this way.

Blaming until the resentment

Eats away

Everything that was good.

I’m angry

And lost

Voiceless, at a cost

The words bubble up

And rarely subside

If only they knew

What was inside

I’m shivering and unsure

Unclear, and working for

A system I’m not sure I believe in.

What do I believe in now?

I asked for help today,

But even then I’m

Plagued with doubt.

Is it me?

Is it me?

Is it me?

I can’t reach out, if there’s nothing to hold onto

Waiting in empty space for something to be enough to,

Make it subside, like the moon does the tide

I notice how much I

Want to numb it out.

Like even I have the right,

To enforce an insignificance,

Into the breath of my life.

I can’t talk about it,

Because it’s always there.

And yet, sometimes, like an old friend,

It reminds me of a special kind of strength


to be always broken, means never to be broken.

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