Where It Hurts, To Be Alone

I wanted you to know,
The beauty of being –

When you’re lost.

Even if it feels like the cost,
Is your heart.
This grace will make your
Soul start.

Bright, in the mornin’ light,
The smoke is gone,
And, dazzlin’ mirrors
Reflect the cost –
Of what’s been lost

In dark corners,
On a bus.

When you’re lost –

Take a moment to breathe it all in.

You took it out,
And wasted it on,
A sunflower song.
When he’s gone,

You’ll be there,
Making faces in a mirror,
What did your heart cost?

Breathe it in.

Slowly, take it in,

Being, beautifully,

but whole
tonight with me.

It might sting to breathe,
When you want to scream.

Now, you can see,
Where it hurts,
To be,


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