“Come over for tea?”


Notes drift through the window
Holdin’ me up as I tie my shoes
At the door, I notice
roses on my step, petals decorate my footsteps
They tell me I left my heart somewhere
Out there
Maybe I picked up a few too
I couldn’t tell you where they’re kept
I just know I got swept up holdin’ onto things
That could never stay
Or never stay away
Really that’s the same, the petals say:
“Watch your step
People are watchin’, we can tell.”

Those touchin’ notes drift through the window
Singin’ baby he knows
He hears me, hearing him
Does that mean we go?
Where we know,
We can’t hold onto straight lines
That might help us define
Where we stop.
These gentle lies,
Rest alive hoping they’ll survive
This warming frustration
Of time.

It’s already
Led to strange imaginations
Of nocturnal shape creations –


You’d like to come over for tea?

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