Japanese Black Ink Painting for Beginners Online Program


I recently attempted to get into the art of Japanese Black Ink Painting – without really taking stock of my energy levels.

Something I’m learning is how valuable it is to be aware of our daily rhythms, chronotypes, and when, where, and what we need and want to expend our energy on.

I’ve always had a bad habit of not defining my needs and my wants. It’s great when they align, but often they don’t.

In this case, I found Karen to be such a great teacher. While her class times are in the GMT zone, I thought that I would share this as a class/program that I’ve loved. Someone else may love it, too!

Regretfully, I’ve had to suspend my membership due to the above waning energy expenditure.

Regardless, Sumi-e is such a beautiful, meditative art, and I would highly recommend digging into any aspect of it ❤

The link above is just the login page, but by googling Karen you should come across her artist page, too, if you want to get in contact about her services.

** I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but none of my posts, including this one, are sponsored. **

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