Her hips swayed against his —

No, I’m lying.


To make it sound sweet.

If I were telling the truth,

I’d say they crashed together,

Wrecks in human skin,

There’s a beauty in biting

His skin

Letting the wildness out

For moments in the dark

Measured only by the clouds covering stars —

And all of their light.

Do you know how it feels to be trapped inside?

Where it’s lost and untethered

And you’re a feral child

Who wishes she could just for a moment

Breathe into the world

A peace she had known only

Biting his skin?

If we are the dark ones

And they say a treasure lies

Beneath the smoky intrusion of your eyes

Then why am I so distracted,

By the comfort of lies like —

Women are sweet

Women are quiet

Women are weak?

What does it mean if you’re a woman

With biting teeth

An angular mind

A taste for attention

And a love of the grind?

They crashed together like wrecks in human skin,

Existential questions don’t matter,




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