Scene 1: “Faster…”

“Faster” she breathed into his ear.
The friction between them created a heat that made her crave a more animal touch. She wondered why she had spent so much time attempting to be agreeable. Other people loved drugs the way she loved this.
“Faster” she breathed into his ear.
He felt the friction between them, the heat, soft, wet, dark shadows between them. A part of him wanted to own her, to stop her talking at all. He wanted to dominate with a more animal touch. After all, he needed to concentrate. This feeling, this feeling was incommunicable.
Sweat dripped from his forehead, her moans weren’t music. They were a siren call.
“Faster” she breathed into his ear.
The sheets began to feel claustrophobic — how long had they been here again?
Together, they grinned as shockwaves of release rippled through them.

They had finally done it.

It had been Joanna’s idea to complete the BJ challenge, Ben&Jerry’s, under the sheets – he laughed about the drops of cookie dough in the bed between them. She’d piled their bed high with blankets and duvets until they were gasping for cool, sweet ice-cream underneath. She had allowed one tiny air hole, and they played rock, paper, scissors to find out who got to pick what Netflix show they’d watch while they tormented their physiology with ridiculous levels of ice-cold sugary goodness. Bridgerton won. Van would never admit that it was his choice…

Pandemic’s can really make you creative with your entertainment.

Attempting to eat this much ice-cream in 5-minutes was positively sadistic, so it’s not like their relationship had gone totally vanilla. Speaking of, Van smiled as he thought about the vixen who was currently on her tip-toes, back scrunched up, as she wandered through the apartment, somehow managing to skid on carpet, as she alternately grasped and pulled her hair.

At this point, brain freeze was the best new experience.

She had no idea how in love with her Van was.

Van had no idea how in love with him Joanna was.

She smiled as the brain freeze calmed, nonchalantly ignoring Van’s grin. He was waiting to pounce, but she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction just yet –

After all, she didn’t want things to be over too fast, tonight.

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