Sea & Coffee

Dusky stars eat clouds leftover from
I’ve been waiting for the sunset,
to see how the sea sets,
as the rise of the tide,
reminds me of
the breath
I can never seem to catch.

I feel my pores breathe in,
and my tongue imagines
that I taste of salt and coffee.
I wonder if I taste like the
sea and coffee.

The road takes my footsteps,
my weight as payment,
knowing its existence
is somehow validated,
by the ease of passage.
How strange it must be
to be a road by the sea,
walked on by caffeine addicts
I mean me.

I’m thinking of how fierce nature is,
how narcissistic I can be,
How I’m much more enamoured
with nature,
with the strange soft sanctity
of an unbothered piece of grass,
That I wish I had more of her.
When I think of some of her creations,
my mind sounds like…

Sea and coffee
Sea and coffee
Sea and coffee

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