Leave No Regret

He loves you as deeply as he can.
His mind is as balanced as he
allows it to be.
You won’t know this yet, but
someone can only love you
as deeply

As deeply as they are
willing to look in a mirror
that shows a true

Reflection makes him wince.
You make him deflect.
Those words are a misdirection.
He allows himself to hurt you
because he’s not strong enough.

Yet, you won’t know this
But you are safe to leave,

Leave no regret.
No second bet.
You are done being second best
To metastasized pain.
You won’t know this yet,

Yet, trust me.
Leave no regret.
For someone who let

Let you sink.
To save a ghost.

Ghost, he is at best

a ghost. Leaving him,

Leaving him, is the most,

Healing thing for both of you,

You won’t know this yet.

Yet, you can leave with no regret.

Regret, is for souls who did not love their best.

Best, you loved him as best,

As best you could, you understood,

Understood that even pain can be loved.

Be loved.





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