That Dance

So I closed my eyes

And I cut my hair

Wondering if anyone else was there

That you could see

With eyes so wide

It almost defied

Belief –

It’s not the seeing that’s lost

But your presence was the cost

Of a self-entitled, self-appointed ignorance

To loss

I was the cost, and you made it valueless

The more you strained against the constraint

Of time between us

You sucked it down the hands of a clock

And told me that I needed to stop

Growing, flowing, disappearing in the sea

Can you see me now?

As my silhouette fades

Were you afraid to lose a love

That you ignored

And shoved

Out of your sight?

This gravity between us

Is a heaviness that needs release

Don’t keep me


Ripping my skin, and cutting my hair and closing my eyes

So I wouldn’t have to see

Your defiance

To love

To my love.

Let me go to the sea

Where I can dance freely

Beneath the waves and the storms that

Never hide

From the sights of their eyes.

-A.A. @lughlana (Instagram: @ nyxilotbiscuit)

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