#28 healing poetry; lead me to your love

Your heart is breaking

And you wish you could follow the dead
Where their eyes would still recognise you
Where they’d take your life instead

Your heart is breaking

You’re tired and out of time
Your body is less aligned
With what they call the real world
Because you don’t watch to match your footsteps

With a world that broke your heart

You feel like you’re air
Maybe you were never here at all
And the walls of your mind crumple
And the voices you used to hear

Don’t break your heart like they did

You send a flower out, on a calm warm day
It bobs on waves that glitter and sway
To an air current that won’t delay
Moving on

It’s hard to move on, when your heart is breaking in a new way

I couldn’t hold you, then

I’m not sure if I’m the right one to, now

I’m no expert

I’m not trying to be

But you should feel like you can let your heart break in front of me

And that I won’t rush to build the pieces into a shape that suits me more than you

Your heart should feel safe to fall into a net I hold out, to take your direction, later

About what you need to remake your love.

I’m sorry

For the moments I missed, that had you mistrust the strength of the bonds in the net I hold out to carry the broken pieces of your heart

Only until you are ready, to pick them back up, and show me

Show me who you are, so you can lead me

To the love you need most.

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