The Beginning…

He whispered into her ear as they stealthily moved through train carriages. The heyday of all intercity trains had been left in the dust of 90’s grime, but she loved the anonymity, and unwashed hair smell of the seats. She chuckled. The ticket master wouldn’t find them now. She was already aware that the denim skirt had trickled its way up her thigh, catching his eyes on an earlier check. Her and her – boyfriend? lover? paramore? whatever he wanted to be called today, slipped through the cracks left in the thundering of the train they’d snuck onto an hour ago. Under the dark seeping mascara she wore, her eyes sparkled as her feet tripped through another doorway. She knew what he’d want when they got to the hotel. Her ‘lover’s’ grasping hands had told her enough, as he pulled her through another door and she caught his rare green eyes. He was in a dominating mood. Conscious of time, as the howling of a baby brought her back to the present, she let her eyes focus on one single spot. That’s what they tell you in dance class – focus on one spot while you spin, it stops the dizziness from causing an embarrassing fall.
One. It was one o’clock. His fangs began to show – the screams made him hungrier than ever. Twilight had truly made life so easy for vampire kind to hide under the oft-used excuse of bad-boy waiting for redemption from a sexually repressed, broken hearted teenager. She growled. It got his attention. He looked at her curiously. Noticed the vein beating at her neck –
‘Seriously, Twilight, at a time like this?’ he muttered to her. Leaning down as if to help her with her bags. She knew he was reaching for the gun. No-one ever expected vampire’s with guns, but the American’s make them so easy to buy – and they do make a complicated dinner procedure that much easier.
She smiled, ‘Sweetheart, you know it only makes me thirstier, and we might have a long revolution on our hands…’
Another thing the humans had gotten wrong. When they built their lives in boxes, it had the effect of offering vampires solace – and, an education in bioengineering, should they wish. Vampires don’t sparkle in the sun, instead, they consume all light. They are black holes walking, forever hungry, forever desired, and, forever – lost.
Her brow wrinkled, and her lips twisted. The vaccination against the sun made her morbid, and not in the good sense.
Her partner checked her pupils, before he pulled his lips back, before the screams began, before the siege of London erupted in hellfire and denim.

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