#32 healing poetry; complicated father’s day

I see
The shadow of you
Behind his form
A day
That should
Be celebrated for
The Dad’s that chose
To stay.
You were my sun
And you fell below
The horizon
My eyes
Tracked you as you
Left coloured streaks
In the sky –
Except, you are not a sun
You are a man.
And you chose each step
You walked
Away from me
Crying at the door.
And now, I can’t be
With a man
Without wailing inside
Like a lost child
If I feel even
A little unsure –
It’s exhausting for all of us.
I wish
That you had walked away
Earlier. Before I was born.
But somehow, knowing
You were the person to walk
Made it easier for me to
Enough, it makes it
Easier for me to say enough
When it gets too much.
I have had three father’s
And of them
You taught me the most
By teaching me
Sometimes we leave
People better
If we go, when there
Is time
For their hearts
To be saved
By someone else’s
I will write a poem
Where I thank you
For more than this –
But for now
This is the only
Truth I can
Write for you
On Father’s Day.

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