A Poem About Thoughts On Love

I guess

It’s true

Your heart


For someone else


I forget


That I’m

Not the only


Who’s ever

Fought, laughed

Played –

Dreamed of forever

With someone

And I’m scared

If I bend

It will make me

Seem like

I can wait for

You, if, you did


Someone else

And I’m scared

If I bend

You’ll see

All the insecurities

That, to be fair,

Are not so overwhelming


But still present

And I’m scared

That, because I don’t

Love the everyday

That you’re the same as me

And want adventure everyday

Even if it’s

With someone

Old or with

Someone new

When I make a choice

I used to say I stuck

With it (like gum)

But, like all things

That grow

I change

Based on the weather

If it’s too cold

Or too hot

My branches sway

My petals fall

Full flowers bloom

Or fade away

I don’t want this

To fade away

So, instead of locking up

The fear

I thought I’d write it here –

I’ll be okay,

If our weather changes

But I’d like for our

Branches to intertwine

So we can grow

Into a new shape


Not dreaming

Of forever

But growing into it



– with care –

And that


I’m not scared of

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