Solid, Alone, Real

The sea is calling

On a night with no air

Except for what comes

In the silence

Between our words

On a stone monument

We trailed kisses

Like dropped hints

On each other’s ground

I’m struggling to understand 

What’s here that’s solid

To hold onto something solid

Is a dream I’ve held

Like something real

Like something real

Are you real? Or another illusion?

Some boy

Telling me to love you

Asking me to love you back

You know you’re not the first one

You just don’t know

How many have said the same words

And asked me for something 

To hold 

When you can’t give me something


When no-one can give me something


I release 

This back to the ground

Where the flowers spin colours 

Round our vision

As I search for something solid

And you grasp air

I look to words as if

They were stone monuments

Something real, something to catch


Between us

Is a glimmer of a promise, and the

Glint of a lie

No-one holds just one world in their


God, I wish we had been each other’s


As if

The sky sings

As if

That would make this something solid

As if

That would make this something real

We sit in each other’s earth

A gravitational field

Pulls us from one universe to other

And my question


What can I grasp onto?

When I’m spinning in your universe


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