Hot Burn, Slow Fade Love

I feel this churning

In my tummy

An anxious grabbing

For something

I don’t quite understand

My voice can’t form the

Words I need

But my body and my skin

Seed the idea

I need to express

To depress back

Into the Earth

I feel like a liar

Because I’ve been fawning

For too long

I feel like I quenched my own


Because comfort is something

I denied for so


I waited in dark rooms

Let blood blisters form on

My tired feet

Accounted for the gap left

By hurling love

In their face –

Faces, like paintings

Decorate my heart

And I can’t help

But blame myself

For generating this type of

Hot burn, slow fade


You think this is a poem

About men

It’s not

It’s a poem about what I lost


Which is something

I’ve never known how

To put words to

So my body takes the


And makes it


A subtle not so subtle hint

To let me listen to



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