Letting LughLana Go

When I started this blog, I was confused, unsure, hopeful, angry, bitter – not quite lost but I wished that I was (sometimes, you don’t want to be found if it means being found by something that hurts you, after all).

It’s been a comfort, a joy, a worry (sometimes). It’s made me face my reflection in a public setting. I have adored this blog, posting poetry, finding inspiration in daily life when we were forced into lockdowns, and internal spaces where, perhaps, we never thought we would have to traverse.

And I haven’t wanted to let LughLana go, even though I’ve known for a little while now, that it’s time to release this beautiful bud of a project that has given me so much.

It’s the first time, after all, that I decided to publish my poetry on an online platform.

It’s the first time I felt that strangers online resonated with the sometimes, okay, often, looping thoughts and patterns I have.

It’s the first time I let this part of myself be seen.

I adore this blog, and the WordPress community that I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with.

As Winter comes on, it reminds me that sometimes we need to let go, for new life to flourish. I think it’s time to let LughLana go, and to open myself up to new poetry, new words, new people, and definitely new places.

Closer to the end of the year, I’ll publish an update on plans following from here, and, ultimately, if there will be another blog or online space you can find me 😉 If not, be assured I’ll be writing in the background, the old-school way this time ❤

For now, see this as a notice that the blog completed its purpose for me – I’ve grown, healed and forgiven with every line of poetry, and with every blog post I’ve written.

Thank you for being here for that journey ❤

2 responses to “Letting LughLana Go”

  1. River Dixon says:

    All the best to you.

    Liked by 1 person

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