Heart like the Moon

Someone’s enchanted the skies tonight

They usually scream but now they’re bright

You give me a moment

A word I wanted to hear

We’re back in your bedroom and

It all begins to clear

Reality threads a storyline in

When we should have been a night

We were months, to begin –

Someone enchanted the skies that night

They usually screamed but they were bright

Calling me closer to sink deep into you

My skin is a siren, yours is too

We crashed together like waves on a beach

You held my hand, told me I could reach

For your heart

But like the moon, that’s strung in the sky

You can’t be held by one person

So your words were a lie

And I loved to love you

And I loved that night

But I need someone who can fight

Skies that scream, the ones with no light

When the stars have faded – I need that guy

Someone’s enchanted the skies tonight

They usually scream, but now they’re bright

I take your hand, you tell me it’s alright

Then your lips take mine

And I forget to fight

There’s something more dangerous than a bad boy on a motorbike

It’s the quiet one, with soft lips that makes you think

You could be someone to him

Who has his heart strung up like the moon in the sky

Too far to reach

Too much of a lie

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