Wandering, wondering

Oh Summer

Guide me into your

Arms again

I’ve been, lost,


Wondering when

Your arms


A soft place

For someone else

I am lost


Wondering again

Oh Summer

Take me home

To the seas where

Our hearts roam

Over waves that


Secrets, just like yours

Just like you

I’ve been looking for

That soft way

You kissed me

I haven’t found

It yet

Because I know

I’ll never go

Back to you

Back to Summer

I see fresh

Clouds in a storm

Beginning sky

And remember

I’m a Winter child

And I’d die

In the soft warm

Space of your gaze

Your arms

Couldn’t be a safe place

For me

Oh Summer

Thanks for

Guiding me home

Oh Summer

I’ve been

Wandering, wondering

Lost for so long

That I didn’t know

You gave me my answer

When you let me

Let love go

With your

Hot gaze, soft embrace

And your

Sweet sun, subtle waves

You were trying to tell me

The someone

I was

Searching for

Was never him at all

I’ve been

Wandering, wondering

I’ve been

Wandering, wondering

I’ve been

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