Hey there, I’m Ash – welcome to LughLana.

I am a sucker for visual art, gorgeous or soul-chilling words, music, dance, – the list goes on…but like quite a few people out there, I struggle with my authentic voice.

How can I reach others?
How can I help?
How can I communicate?
How can I find community?

These questions led me to create my blog: LughLana.

As a lifelong reader, and lover of words, it will also feature books that grab the attention of my heart, mind or soul (hopefully, all three,) from time to time.

From my heart, I hope you enjoy leafing, scrolling or sighing through this repository of beautiful words ❤

Please reach out if anything speaks to you via the comments, or through my Contact page.
I would be more than delighted to connect with you ❤

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